PLEASE, PENTAX... listen

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PLEASE, PENTAX... listen

We need redesign. Yes... we need. We don't want it. We need it.

We need redesign of the Flash system. We need consistency, bigger and more zoom steps, so no light is lost when we use it with a 100mm (APS-C format talking), for example. We would be really glad to pay even more than 500 bucks if we can get the best out there.

We also need a better autofocus system, and AF assist in the camera, but not the flash. Why? Pentax has always been a brand of primes, small primes. When we want to use an AF prime in low light, we need to have the flash in the body, so we now have a bigger "look at me" in our faces, so it make no sense using a small prime anymore. We also need a newer autofocus system... and I don't have to tell you why.

We need two more things: a really wide angle DA* zoom. Maybe, make the 12-24 a DA* and make people pay a $120, or $150 extra for metal construction, weather sealing and the KAF3 mount. I'd pay that extra, and certain people, would also.

And we need, for last, long fast tele lenses. No that I can afford them... but it's just because of brand recognition. If not... use the very same design of the FA*300 2,8, seal it all, make it in silver, and add a KAF3 mount... and we've got a new excellent lens, and you can do the very same with the FA*600 F4, and maybe, other lenses. We would be glad also, to be available a zoom like the 250-450 F4... or something similar, so we can get as much as someone may want... and maybe a 135-300 F2,8. Why? So people wanting a longer 2,8 lens, don't go for the Sigma.
Please, Pentax, Please... listen to this.
People... what else do you need???
This is the time, right before September events...

And yes we want a FF, but we don't need it...
Progress is not possible without deviation from the norm - Frank Zappa

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