HDMI cables and a bit of a whinge

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HDMI cables and a bit of a whinge

Hi there every one. I had a thread running in the D3 section and it was OT about blue ray players and other home theatre stuff and the thread was going well with a fair bit of input. We eventually got to discussing the advantages of HDMI cable over Svideo cable for a standard DVD player to 1920 x 1080 display. I mentioned the price of a particular brand of HDMI and that is was around 4 times the price of other HDMI cable and another poster suggested that the particular brand was overpriced, he used other adjectives but a short while after that the thread was pulled by Dpreview. I understand that it could have been pulled for being off topic, but I am scepticle that it was due to naming the cable brand/manufacturer due to the timing. A shame really, because the thread was very helpful to me in an area where technology is racing ahead much faster than I can keep up with on my own. I think that the camera manufacturers have made their fair share out of my wallet, check my profile. All of that gear is due to being a regular here on Dpreview.

Now, HDMI cable for those that are interested is worth the money. I was running image only from a standard DVD/hard drive machine (Panasonic) to an epson high def projector and I had to turn absolutely everything up to the strongest and brightest settings to get an image I was reasonably happy with, but just like high ISO performance on cameras, the blacks started to get washed out and the colours where pale. I made the jump to HDMI cable and found I could reset the projector to factory standard and the image was magnificant, all due to HDMI cable transporting ALL the data to the projector without the projector having to try tp boost the inputted signal. I didn't get a sharper image. For some strange reason I thought maybe I would. I understand that the image is only going to be as good as your weakest link. For me, it is the fact that I have a high definition set top box using svideo to input into the Panasonic before it goes by HDMI to the projector. If the settop box had a HDMI outlet, then that would be a different story. The DVD is 720 so I will have to go to Blue ray to achieve a sharper image when viewed on a 100 inch screen.

I hope these small bits of info from someone who has spent the money on trying this and that can save others some dollars and the grief that accompanies it.
Warm regards, Dave.

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