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I had that problem at first when I first used the ColorMunki, then realized I wasn't disabling ALL of the automatic color controls in the printer driver. You must be sure all of the printers automatic color features and built in color controls are disabled both during profiling and after when printing while using your custom profiles.

When comparing print to screen, remember that using non-full spectrum light to view your output will greatly shift your perception of the color. You should compare the print to screen using AT LEAST a wide spectrum graphic light. I've found that the fairly inexpensive "daylight" desk lamps you can buy at office retail stores work fairly well if you want something for home and on a budget (what I use at home), though not nearly as good as a calibrated 5000k viewing station such as the Just Normlicht 5000 one I work with at my 9 to 5. No money at all? Daylight filtered through a window seems to work in a pinch but makes the screen a bit hard to view.

On a side note, I just rebuilt my monitor profiles for my LaCie 324 and Epson printer profiles last night from scratch. (Since it was that time of month for the screen anyhow.) Since I have learned more about how to properly profile everything together using the Munki, both improved (over what I had already considered a very close match) and the screen to print match is even better than before, nearly perfect.

One problem is, their are so many different options when printing from Photoshop, it is a daunting task to find out which method makes the best print. I made about a dozen prints of the same image using different settings with and without different printer settings enabled, etc, labeled each and compared. I've found that their is a very large difference by just changing settings within the Photoshop printer menu alone and only one combination of settings gave me the exact match I was looking for.

I think half the struggle is knowing how to do it since you still have to manually change settings in software and drivers before and after profiling the display and printer.

With that said, I WILL agree that X-Rite dropped the ball with the software end. And no, they are not obligated to "support" anything in Photoshop or other third party apps. They expect you should be able to perform necessary setting changes on your own. It is a shame they didn't include instructions on how to do so for either or both Mac and Windows OS.

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