NV24HD and RAW mode

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I don't think your reply is very helpful.

Obviously, a DSLR is never going to fit in a pocket and is not going to take movie clips (at least all current models cannot do this). There are other reasons why a compact camera might be better for the job than a DSLR.

All digital cameras clearly have the 'potential' to output a RAW file since the camera must process the RAW data to create a JPEG. Many cameras, including compacts, are sold with the ability to save RAW files as part of the specification. In other cases, the feature is not listed in the specifications but it can be enabled in some other way. Sometimes this is done through service menus (like in S850 case), other times its through clever firmware piggybacks (like CHDK for Canon compacts).

To keep to your analogy, a little Toyota is everything that I need, but it would be nice to disable the (hypothetical) ECU chip that limits the top speed to 50mph. Sure, 99% of people will only drive it in towns, where it's not even possible to reach that speed. However, some drivers will want to occasionally take it on the highway and travel at highway speeds which, by the way, the motor/chassis/wheels are able to achieve without too much difficulty. Sure, it will never be a Ferrari or an F350 pickup truck, but I don't want it to be either of those things - a Toyota suits me just fine as long as I can utilise the features that everybody knows it is capable of..

DonalDuc wrote:

If you want (and need?) RAW, buy a Nikon D700.
If you really need a car with 8 wheels: do not buy a little Toyota.

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