The Joy of Pixel Density

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William Carson
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Re: Not quite sure I understand what youv'e done....

Ideally, John would be able to compare two cameras with indentically
sized sensors built using similar technology and only differing by
their pixel counts so that we could isolate pixel density on it's own
without the image quality being affected by other factors.
Unfortunately this is a very difficult test to do so some form of
compromise approach needs to be used.

If the yet to be released D3X is using the exact same sensor but double the pixels or density, then a comparison can be made on the RAW data.

Another comparison can be made now with the RAW data comparison from the D3 and the Canon - both CMOS the D3 is 12MP -8.45µm pixel pitch. The Canon 21.1 million effective pixels

2.4 MP/cm² pixel density. (BTW, why are not the specs consistant listing density OR pitch for both? Sorry, but I am a poster with little mathmatical abilitys and don't know the formula for equating density to pitch)

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