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Mechanical vs Electronic Shutters in DSLR's

Started Jul 18, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Cesar Rubio Regular Member • Posts: 245
Mechanical vs Electronic Shutters in DSLR's

Somebody mentioned at the strobist blog while discussing High Speed flash sync, why manufacturers did not make all DSLR cameras with electronic shutters?

I think because they don't want your camera to last for ages.

I work with Machine Vision Cameras (MVC), there are even some 5 MP models, and since they have a "global shutter" (electronic) they can take pictures thousands of times more than a regular DSLR and still keep working, that's why they are used for "industrial" purposes.

They don't have the 300,000 mechanical shutter life as in the D3....

Even CMOS although most don't have a "global shutter" (as in all CCD's) but instead have a "rolling shutter" since its electronic too, it will last a LONG time too.

Just look at your camcorder, how many pictures does it takes per second?

Probably 30...and how many hours it lasts? LOT's and lot's!

How long the Nikon D3 shutter will last for video?

Divide 300,000 (D3 Shutter life) 30 (fps)=10,000 (seconds) 60 (1 minute)=166 (minutes) 60 (1 hour) =2.77 hours of operation!

That's nothing in comparison to an electronic shutter life!

I know, some can argue that the flip mirror in DSLR's for the optical viewfinder needs a mechanical shutter...

I could trade that off for a rangefinder style viewfinder, or for the live mode video preview as in the Nikon D300.

But I want my camera to last a lot!

The time lapse photographers/videographers that make such beautiful videos can tell you how many DSLR's they wear out pretty fast.

If I was into that, I would get a MVC instead...

Cesar Rubio.
Cambridge Wisconsin, USA.

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