New Version of Bibble is Out

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Re: New Version of Bibble is Out

Yes, but a lot of us use that (Bibble if that is what you mean) program without a problem. So who or what is to blame? Is Eric to blame that his program does not run on your machine? You can choose not to use that program or you can fix your machine. Soon or later you will find that is the way it is with Windows programs so you'll need to make a choice to debug your machine or not.

koo22 wrote:
Your solution (reformatting & reinstalling Windows) used to be a
common thing to do when Win95 first came out. A very tedious job.
I have not had any problems with WinXP and I have a LOT of software
on my machines. If one program causes problems, I feel it's the
program, not the OS. To answer your question, my "solution" would
then be NOT to use that program! K.

Doyle wrote:
Ok, what is your solution when a Windows system becomes corrupt and
some software will no longer run or you get errors. And, no amount
of uninstalling (deleateing from the registry as well) and
installing helps. And, in the case of a repair to the OS not fixing
the problem.

koo22 wrote:
Doyle wrote:
Second; reformat your hard

drive, install Windows and install only the software you really
really need.

Are you kidding? Now there's a real practical solution (sarcasm)!

On the contrary, programs developed should work WITH Windows, not
the other way around.

I agree but that is not the real world of Windows. That is the main
reason I do as little as I have to with Windows. I have real work
to do and I don't particularly care to spend my time tinker with an
operating system. For those that choose to use Windows for whatever
reasons I was only passing along my experiences with it. All OS s
have their good points and bad points depending on your
requirements and you likes and dislikes so lets not start a
platform war here. Further if you don’t have any real work
experience with other OS s then you really can’t compare them.

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