I abandoned DSLR's...anyone else tempted ?

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Re: I'm sorry...

What we know:

  • A Larger size sensor is not that much more expensive (Sony A200 sells for $499, production of the sensor must be relatively low cost)

  • The body size is not really an issue for the large sensor (see Sigma)

  • Live view can be implemented almost flawlessly (see Sony A300/A350)

  • There are outstanding long zoom lenses out there for a reasonable price (see Leica Lens on the pana, Sony H50 CZ lens)

To me, there really is no reason to NOT have a P&S camera below $700 that has a sensor the size of the Sony A200 with a focal range of 30-450mm.

I'm just curious why none of the manufacurers want to milk that golden cow right now.

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Sony DSC-H50 P&S
Olympus E-510 w/ dual kit lenses (28-84mm/80-300mm equiv. 35mm)
Sony A350

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