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Re: f30 - f50

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Yepp - it is.

The f30 is a kind of cult camera. You have to pay premium prices to
get one.

Things that work tend to end up like that.

But - the f50 is VERY close - and it has higher resolution.
I would say f50 gives more value for the money. And it is 25 MP/cm2.
And my guess is that this is much more than this site recommends.

Well, it's kind of a strange proposition. Fuji essentially said to DPR that they had a camera that they knew was noisier above ISO 400 than its predecessor, but if you take the images from that consumer-level camera and scale them to 6 megapixels in Photoshop the output will look almost as good as the discontinued model, essentially making up for the missing stop of sensitivity. Of course, the f50 is only rated up to 1600 where the f30 went to 3200, so there's an exposure gap there to make up for in software if you're shooting in very low light. Not that I think the output of either camera at peak ISO ratings is worth bothering with.

That line of reasoning might make more sense if you were selling someone a DSLR with doubled resolution. A lot of people might buy a 26 megapixel 5D with the understanding that the output would need to be scaled to 13 megapixels if you do any shooting in low light. Fuji should have probably included "Low Light" modes that automatically do the scaling, since the intended market isn't likely to have very sophisticated photo editing software.

It's just a very odd situation. If you read these forums very much there are a lot of comments about how higher megapixel cameras allow people to crop their shots. There's this sort of mindset that resolution allows more choices. I've seen the same thing on forums talking about 4K video where the users are talking about shooting an interview and just cropping cutaways out of the larger frame. Which is obviously a terrible idea on a lot of levels, but if you give someone a noisy 12 megapixel digital camera is it going to end up being used to crop really noisy portraits out of group shots? A very strange tack on the concept of consumer-level electronics, IMO.

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