5D - CWB: prefers a white card over a gray card?

Started Jul 16, 2008 | Discussions thread
mchahn Contributing Member • Posts: 824
Re: Obviously ...

I'm out of my expertise here, but if the sensors weren't linear, then a white card and a gray card might give different WB results. In other words if you put in light that is twice as bright but has the exact same color, the numbers coming out of the sensor may not be exactly twice as much in each color.

In that case using an 18% gray card would be better since your eyes see color much better in gray than in black or in white. That may be the reason gray cards are usually recommended.

Of course, the sensors in the 5D may be so linear that there is no difference in white or gray, except for the advantage of white putting out bigger numbers (mentioned in an earlier post).

In any case, I seriously doubt it makes any difference in a good camera like the 5D. The actual colors in the light vary so much in a scene that the variation in the calibration method is probably insignificant.

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