The Joy of Pixel Density

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Re: Density limits

Tristan Cope wrote:

I think shot noise is a significant problem when the photon count per
pixel is very low. And binning won't help.

Shot noise is always present, but is indeed more significant at low intensities (it goes like the square root of the signal). And binning most definitely helps... bin nxn pixels, the signal to noise ratio due to shot noise will go up by a factor n. [because the signal grows n^2 times, while the squares of the n^2 noise magnitudes should be added and then the square root taken, since we're dealing with uncorrelated sources, hence central limit theorem blah blah].

It's not hard to see why even without knowing how to combine uncorrelated noise sources: this shot noise is really part of the signal itself.

Where did you get the idea that binning doesn't help?

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