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Re: Advice for camera bag


Im quite happy with it. Before I used several reporter style bags which where or too big or were not so comfortable. Nowadays I keep my back packs at home, it is mostly the 6 million I use on a location.

Im not so tall person, I think the bag is suited for not so tall persons better.

I want to mention again that the 6 million will hold a med. sized tele lens like the 70-200 and the D700/D300/d3 with lens attachedm however it will be heavy I have a sour shoulder if I carry it with me all day. A D3/D700 with a 24-70 and a flash unit besides it is draggable for a whole day, not too heavy I guess.


stringbean98 wrote:

Thanks for sharing Michel! Sounds like you're quite happy with your 6
million dollar home. Maybe i'll just wait and see if the Six is going
to cut it before moving to the Seven.

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