Pixel Density is GENIUS!

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Re: No really, it isn't

ejmartin wrote:

I have a little exercise for you:

1. Open a blank canvas in Photoshop.

Yes...sure. That's the song that's been sung since Phil announced the spec was going to be part of the site.

When one does this exercise, it becomes apparent that the main factor
in image noise is sensor size. The result is largely independent of
MP count for a fixed sensor size. Pixel density, which is sensor
area divided by MP count, is poorly correlated to noise because both
MP count and sensor size will vary from camera to camera, but only
one of those factors is tied to noise level.

This assumed a resampled output size. If you were to always print your output at 300 dpi and just allow the print to be whatever size it works out to be then the noise becomes a constant and not a variable.

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