Pixel Density is GENIUS!

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Re: No really, it isn't

simpy wrote:

Which was hardly the point, was it? The point is that your example
didn't really hold up to closer scrutiny. An extended discussion such
as this thread only makes sense if you're willing to stay on topic
and, when necessary, concede that you made a mistake.

It still looks more artifact-laden than the Fuji sample, but certainly better than I was able to clean it up. The point that at least one person in this thread has made is that pixel density has no effect on sensor noise (although I believe there was a stipulation that the D3 and 1DIII were excluded from that claim). So my little joke, which obviously miffed a couple of you, was that perhaps professionals should abandon their APS and 135 sensors for a G9 (or comparable point-and-pray). I intended it as a friendly jibe, not a random derailment of the topic.

I understand that you have an enthusiasm for the potential of small sensors. Which is peachy. But assuming that I'm completely unable to discern the beauty in the output of what's apparently a world-class imaging system in a Lumix or Powershot point-and-shoot, why are people who review the cameras and people who shoot with them professionally still using APS and 135 sensors? Which is the essence of my jibe about the 1DIII, though I shouldn't have used that particular camera for the purposes of a joke since it had already been disqualified through a prior stipulation.

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