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I used a D700 for a couple of hours this evening. I put it in my 6 milion dollar bag of Crumpler. Although my 35-70 f/2.8D was connected to it, the 70-200 can be fitted besides.

I use the Crumpler 6 million dollar bag often with my D3/D300 with 24\70 connected it is no problem to fit it straight up in the bag. It is easily possible to put a SB800 besides. Or it is also possible to put a 70-200 besides this combination, however I would advice you to not carry that too long, because it makes the bag heavy.

Because the D700 is similar sized as the D300 you can put a D700 with 24-70 and reversed hood, including a SB800 or a 70-200 in the 6 million. With a small side pocket connected to the 6 Million you can carry the SB800 also with it.

The 7 million will hold all you mentioned with no problem, however it is a much bigger bag. I often have to move through heavy crowds as today here in very hot and humid Kyoto, so I want to keep my bag small as possible.


stringbean98 wrote:

Hi all,

I'm hoping to get some advice on choosing a new camera bag. I
currently have a Crumpler Six million dollar home, which was a snug
fit for a D80 + grip w/ Tamron 17-50, Nikon 70-300 VR, SB-800, plus
misc. accessories.

The problem is, I just sold the camera and am on preorder for a D700
+ grip and 24-70. Given that the new setup will definitely be bulkier
than what I just gave up, I was wondering if upgrading to a Seven
million dollar home would give me enough room to grow- bearing in
mind that I may purchase both the 14-24mm and 70-200 in the future
(though not necessarily carry all three lenses at the same time- but
at least two lenses + flash).

The crumpler is great because of it's "covert" nature- I'm just
agonizing over whether or not i should just go for something that'll
serve me better in the long long run, or take a chance with the 7
million dollar home and Hope that my future gear will fit in "snugly"

Anyone tried fitting a D3 with comparable lenses into a similar sized
over-the-shoulder type bag? Any help and insight would be Most


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