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Re: Test Pattern Results

I spent a good chunck of time last evening experimenting with the new driver I downloaded from Canon. I printed the yellow image about 15 times with various tweaks. One thing I found is that I needed to get rid of the color adjustments I'd made in the Color Options section of the print dialog.

Then I started playing with the Blackpoint Compensation and Gamma settings. Apple says to use these for printing from Aperture but I'd read elsewhere that it's best not to use them. For my setup, at least, Apple is right.

After a while I got a print that is quite yellow. Not an exact match with the screen but not bad at all. Then I wondered if I'd thrown my other images overboard to save this one. So I printed a few others and all look quite good.

Oh one last, quite embarrassing, change. I took the prints from the room in which I have the computer to outdoor, evening light, and they looked less orange. It hadn't occurred to me that the room light would impact the way I see the prints but not have so much impact on the screen. Thanks to John down under for pointing that out.

As for the jpeg I posted looking orange, I'm not sure. On my monitor (at home) it always looked yellow but then Safari is color managed. I made a new jpeg, made sure to embed sRGB and sent it to John and he said that looked yellow as well. Maybe I screwed up with the color profile when I made the first jpeg? I'm not sure. I thought I had the preset at sRGB but I've tried so many things over the last few days that I couldn't swear to it.

My most sincere thanks to all those who have followed this thread and offered ther help. The printer companies owe some of you guys a paycheck. If not for places like this, they'd have to double their support staff.

Maybe now I'll be able to offer a little help to the next guy who comes along...

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