Pixel Density is GENIUS!

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I don't care

I think a smaller DSLR, or camera models similar to the Sigma DP1, are coming.

I think that in 3 years time, we're going to see an Olympus E-4xy camera that's even smaller. I like the effort by Olympus, but with its sensor, I don't see why it can't do what Sigma did with its DP1, but smaller. For all the talk about how a smaller 4/3rds sensor will lead to smaller, lighter DSLR, it hasn't really happened. Some lenses are lighter, but really did expect a camera smaller than the E-420. It's a bit narrower than a Nikon D40, but that's it. Chop the hand-grip off a D40/D60, and you have something comparable in size to the E-420.

I'm also a bit disappointed by the Olympus 25 mm pancake lens, which isn't really pancake-ish enough. Thinner lenses have existed. Is it more difficult to produce a small, thin lens for a small-sensor camera? I figured it would have been easier, as every glass element was smaller (in all three dimensions) than it's film SLR equivalent.

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