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Re: I don't fawn over cameras anymore

WBirch wrote:

My 2 cents is that too many digital photographers have become lazy
and use higher ISO's as a crutch and then complain when they see
some "noise" in the photo. Not many really learn their own digi-cam
and what it can really do combined with proper post processing.

Remember how much "noise" there was in an ASA 400 colour film SLR pic?
We are certainly spoiled nowadays.


Exactly. Like I said, I understand sports shooters need the extra high-ISO real estate to keep shutter speeds up, but most pros should seldom ever run into a situation where they need to shoot at 6400. It's amateurs who need high-ISO and a ton of latitude. A pro isn't going to try to shoot a portrait in direct sunlight unless there's no choice (or if they're making some "bold" aesthetic statement...heh...), but to an amateur that's not a "challenging shooting condition"...it's just where Aunt Judy was standing when they decided to snap her 'pitcher.'

Amateurs are the ones who really need ISO 6400 and a ton of latitude. Although, there are obviously reasons for pros to need those things, too. Wedding photographers probably curse whatever western traditions evolved into wedding attire that requires them to pull detail out of a white dress and a black tux, frequently outdoors in full sunlight. But most of the time it's amateur family shots where one of the cousins wasn't standing under the shade of the porch when ma shot the photo that would really benefit from more latitude. Or grandpa's birthday dinner when everyone was sitting around in the living room after dinner and Aunt Bunny wanted to take some pictures.

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