Pixel Density is GENIUS!

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Re: Pixel Density is GENIUS!

RRJackson wrote:

Go try to find a deal on a used F31fd if you have
any doubts about whether or not people actually want cameras with
less "Pixel Density."

The F31fd's high ISO results are far better than other small sensor cameras with either low or high pixel densities, and other digicams are basically about even regardless of pixel density if you compare like-sized prints. You won't see more noise in an 8x10 print from a Canon G9 shot at ISO 400 than you will from my 5MP A610.

The fact is that pixel density is seriously overrated as an indicator of noise in a print of a given size. Sensor size is a better indicator.

If the public at large catch on to the concept of pixel density it
means the manufacturers will be prompted to build cameras catering to
a "Pixel Density Race" and everyone wins.

Except the people who want high res sensors.

There's no good reason why a person with a 5-6 megapixel compact
shouldn't be able to shoot photos in the same range of conditions
that a guy with a D3 can shoot today.

I agree that 5-6MP is sufficient for the digicam market, except for a niche market that isn't well served by much of anything that's out there. But I fail to see why you're mentioning the D3 in the same discussion. "Same range of conditions" ?

Make the sensors bigger and
drop the megapixel count until the average person can shoot snapshots
at dimly-lit family gatherings without tragic results.

Make the sensor bigger, make the camera bigger, make the lens bigger, make it all more expensive - none of this really satisfies the consumer who wants a 20X zoom in a pocket camera.

95% of the
people who take photographs probably won't ever see them larger than
4x6, anyway. Those people will be much better served by latitude and
high-ISO sensitivity than by enough resolution to print a 16x20 at
300 dpi.

Because blown highlights and muddy shadows are so detrimental to 4x6 prints ?

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