Printfix Pro / Spyder Suite with Z3100

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Printfix Pro / Spyder Suite with Z3100

I was never really happy with the ICC profiles created using my onboard profiler with my Z3100........ so I dug into my closet, found my Printfix Pro 2 which I used with my R2400 and created some ICC profiles using it instead on the Z3100. I just did a sample with some extra paper I had lying around....the Red River Ultrapro Satin 2.0.

What I found was this.

I created 4 icc profiles...

1) One using the onboard spectro in the Z3100. (using the Photo Satin/SemiGloss media setting)

2) One using the onboard spectro in the Z3100. (using the HP Professional Satin media setting)

3) One using Printfix Pro using the Photo Satin/SemiGloss media setting although not running the paper calibration/ink density and ink limits calibration for the paper before printing out the test charts. (that is, not creating a custom paper setting)

4) As above but running the paper calibration first creating a custom paper setting, and then printing out the test charts to be scanned.

The results were interesting.

I compared all icc profiles using the ICC View online gamut comparison software.

The widest colour gamut was produced using printfix pro and NOT calibrating the paper first. This was the widest gamut by a longshot especially the mid luminosity colours.

The best blacks and dark colours and very light colours came as a result of calibrating the paper first (creating a custom paper), printing the printfix test charts using the custom paper setting and using printfix pro to create the profile, although this method had a smaller colour gamut through the mid luminosity colours.

The smallest gamut was creating a custom paper and using the onboard profiler with the Photo SG/Satin setting.

My question is this.

Has anyone else done something similar and what did you find?

Is the best ICC profile one in which you calibrate the paper first (that is use the Z3100 to calibrate paper density and ink limits for the paper) before you print the test charts and use Printfix Pro. (best darks and lights)

Or do you just print the test charts without the paper calibration run first. (widest gamut)

Any advice on proper icc creation workflow would be great.

Thanks, JR
J. J. Robinson

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