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Re: The exaggeration of the year?

RRJackson wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

The color cast is due to the daylight WB. The natural color balance
of the majority of digital cameras makes white in the real world
cyan-ish green in the RAW captures, so daylight WB (yes; daylight
needs to be white-balanced) renders the noise magenta. The JPEG
engine apparently keeps this color cast, but smooths it chromatically.

Are you sure that's the only problem? Because depending on the
circumstances extremely underexposed images tend to shift colors in
very dramatic ways. Sometimes red, sometimes green, sometimes a
yellowish green.

That's totally dependent on the converter. With my Canon DSLRs, when JPEG quality is set to low, the deepest shadows of the JPEGs have a layer of green swiss cheese over them. In ACR, the shadows will have a magenta cast from the same camera unless I go into the extended tweak tab and change the color shift of the shadows. These issues are all addressable in software, and current software is patchy in addressing them. When it comes to JPEGs, though, you can be very certain that they are NOT giving you what the camera saw in the shadows, and noise reduction also works towards the same end.

Usually examination of the image reveals an
essentially monochrome image with one dominant color cast at some
level of underexposure.

Again, that's conversion style, not the RAW capture. Nikon does this in its DSLRs, Canon does it in its P&S cameras' JPEGs; they remove all color, period, below a certain threshold, and in another tonal level above that, they filter out high--frequency color. It's all there in the RAW, though. If you want to see what a more literal interpretation of RAW data is like, look here:


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