Pixel Density is GENIUS!

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Re: Pixel Density is GENIUS!

ok, 2 points of view.

first the technology freak that i am:

the pixel density is just another way to measure just how good a camera could be. the higher the number the worse the noise/DR/diffraction/etc...

the lower the number the larger the light gathering area, the better the results.

secondly the consumer:
yet another number to worry about, 6mp is 6mp isnt it?
why can this 6mp £200 camera do this but not what this 6MP £1500 camera can?

basically, without prior knowledge in the while photosite size/quality issue, most people wont care if they have a 35mm size sensor or a 1/2.3" sensor. as long as they can take pictures with flash and print them. the bonus of have ISO 6400 in a smaller resolution is a way to get better results with a lower and more tempting price tag.

yes, this is a crude response and not exactly well explained or researched. but when selling to the general public you need to give them the least amount of technical details as possible on first site and list them in the manual where they can look if they want.

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