Pixel Density is GENIUS!

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Re: This is *not* about different sensor sizes

simpy wrote:

To recap, this only breaks down if either (1) the smaller pixels
are less efficient or (2) the read noise of the combined smaller
pixels is significantly larger than that of a larger pixel.

Neither of which conditions are met, generally, by current technology. The only significant exception is that the bigger pixels of Canon DSLRs and the D3 have less area-based read noise at ISOs like 1600 and higher, than the noise of "crammed" P&S sensors averaged together to simulate the same size pixels, but by a fraction of a stop. Otherwise, averaged P&S pixels have less read noise, sometimes significantly so (some P&S cameras actually have less read noise by themselves, at the individual pixel level, than some DSLR cameras!, such as the FZ50 vs the Nikon D2X, at all ISOs).

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