The Joy of Pixel Density

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Re: Real example of sensor density
is a good article that contains some actual photos of a Fuji Super CCD.

The above is a cross section showing the structures around the active sensor areas. The active area pitch is around 2.7 microns.

A top view showing the area occupied by active sensors and area masked by structures.

Quoting from the article:

"When we compared this chip [nb from an F30] to the sensor from the Finepix E550 that we had analyzed earlier, we found that the pixel array was almost exactly the same. The pixel size was the same at 2.7µm on a side; the aperture fill factor was slightly larger at 14% (vs 12%); the structure looked similar; and even the final 69mm sq. chip size was the same. T..."

Clearly a significant fraction of the sensor is masked and the pixel pitch could not be too much smaller without seriously compromising the amount of light detected.

I have not been able to find equivalent micrographs for high density normal CCD arrays.

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