The Joy of Pixel Density

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Re: Sorry!

Dave Martin wrote:

well that's very embarrassing! All because I've no Mu symbol on my
key board & am too lazy to type "micrometer" and too dumb to multiply

I had no idea that current technology is down to the tens of
nanometer level! That's great.

I recall looking at a micrograph of a Fuji Super CCD sensor & the
line widths were on the 1/2 micron level. (I searched in vain for a
micrograph of a sensor for the posting.)

I'll fix my posting - thanks for being kind!


No problem, it's easily done!

I don't know whether CCD technology can be directly compared with CMOS. I think they're made differently and the demands on the process are, I believe, a bit less for CCD manufacture.

Since CCDs don't need to have active electronics such as transistors integrated into the photosite, I think they can be produced on a much coarser process for any given pixel size. In any case, half micron features are a long way from state of the art - the original Pentium processor debuted on such a process back in 1993 if I remember rightly.

One last point is that I'm pretty sure that although image sensors and microprocessors can be made on a CMOS process, the demands of producing sensors are rather different so they're not made using exactly the same techniques. I think Canon referred to this in one of their whitepapers since one of the original promises behind CMOS sensors was that they could be produced on exactly the same production lines as other CMOS devices but this approach didn't work well in achieving the best image quality.

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