The Joy of Pixel Density

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Thanks John

I would like to take the chance to thank John for his information in this area, it is very helpful and as far as I can see solid and logical.

While I am here I would just like to say anecdotally that like many I have owned a lot of digicams and SLRs over the past 8 or 9 years and in all cases the increase in megapixels has reaped benefits in terms of image quality and resolution. Sometimes I open some old files just to remind myself of how bad some of those earlier cameras really were, (though I thought they were OK at the time). I have not noticed a loss if DR or rampant noise as the count has gone up. I will add I have seen some pics from other folks cameras that have been just plain awful, but they probably would be at any pixel count, there are no doubt a few real dogs out there.

One of the advantages of the higher MP counts is that if I need to get rid of noise it seems far more effective if I have more pixels to start with, and of course I can downs sample as well. At the end of it all I just have more flexibility, cleaning up noisy 3 megapixel images used to leave me with very little detail, but that is not a problem for me these days.

On the subject of noise a method I often use with compacts under low light is to take 4 or more identical exposures and blend them in registration at 50% in photoshop, what is really obvious by this method is that once you have about 4 images blended together the shadow noise has pretty much been all cancelled out leaving just the real picture information, so even with really high MP counts we could get totally clean results if we needed it for some non moving subjects.

Heck the whole noise issue is a bit misleading anyway, I agree that too often folks are talking about 100% views on screen which is really about as useful as a hole in a bucket. The only thing that really matters is the final print and all the high MP cameras I have used produced great results so long as the ISO was not pushed beyond what was reasonable or sensible.

Noise in itself if of the right kind is not so bad anyway in my experience, in fact I usually add controlled noise to files prior to printing and the results are pretty much always better looking real world images, and especially when I want to print really big uprezzed images.

Anyhow thanks John for your effort it has really got me thinking about the possibilities and we need not fear the high MP future.

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