The Joy of Pixel Density

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Re: The Joy of Pixel Density

Graystar wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Of course I did. I explained that quite clearly in the first post.

Clearly...right. Anyways I think I got it. On the left side the
inset image is the 100% crop from the 400D and the large image is an
upsizing of that crop...while on the right side the large image is
the 100% crop from the FZ50 and the inset is the downsized image of
that crop. Is that it?


Why? They would just be dark images with only light bulbs visible.
That would tell us nothing about how sensitive the sensors are in the
deep shadows vs noise.

Why? Because I only care about shadow detail that I can see. Yes,
you reduced the noise level so much that Imatest can clearly
distinguish bands of pixels with values of 1, 2, and! two
more stops! Except that I can’t see it or print it so it’s useless.

Whether or not you can see it in prints depends on the tone curves.

Speaking of prints, you do know that most printers have only a few levels for each dot, don't you?

And no pushing. Is that too much to ask?

Yes it is, because I can't trust people in general to figure out how
to do it themselves.

Is that why you didn’t post any DNGs?

I don't have any space to put them in, and I'm not giving my email address to a file hosting site.

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