Australia - Lens calibration question

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Re: Australia - Lens calibration question

I can't believe you guys get 8 day service. And one person at least got a correctly calibrated lens. I have nothing but trouble with Canon service.

I recently sent in my 30D with 400mm lens to be calibrated bec I was getting poor focus. Canon separated the two items, list the documentation that went with them and took two weeks just to give me a "quote" even though it was warranty service. So after two weeks I still hadn't got anywhere. Then they adjusted and returned just the camera and no word on the lens. On enquiry the lens was sitting with a technician with no paperwork, just lost. They asked me what was wrong with it, I told them the story, they said oh well we'll adjust the lens to standard and send it back.

Now I have a camera that focuses perfectly with other 400mm lenses, but my lens just doesn't focus properly and no-one can tell me what to do about it. Of course they didn't adjust it at all - when I rang them today they report that the tech said it was NFF. No fault found. Nothing done to it.

Good luck!

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