Pixel Density is GENIUS!

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Re: No really, it isn't

RRJackson wrote:

ejmartin wrote:

Better stop doing math off the top of your head. If you're going to
reduce the full frame sensor by a factor 2.5 in each direction, then
the area reduces by 2.5x2.5=6.25, and now you only get a little less
than 2MP of those big fat D3 photosites.

A 1" CCD is usually 9.6mm x 12.8mm, which is a much smaller sensor
than the D3 sensor, but that's still a pretty big sensor. Even the
2/3" 8-megapixel sensor on the old Olympus C-8080 was only dealing
with a pixel density of 14 MP/cm². I'm fairly confident that a modern
5-megapixel 1" sensor could provide a far superior image to something
like the current 10-13 megapixel 1/1.7’’ sensors, which was the point
I was trying to make, albeit with a math background that took Medical
Ethics instead of Stats on a Dyscalculia disability waiver in film

A compact with a decent sized sensor would be pretty nice. Even a 2/3 chip would be a big improvement but provided the pixel count isn't so high as to make the camera unattractively slow, we don't need to worry about pixel density.

The limiting factor on a hypothetical 20MP compact with a 2/3 sensor isn't image noise, it's that file sizes would be large and the camera might be a bit slow for the market it's being targeted at.

It would be better for DPR to try and educate buyers on the tradeoffs involved with buying a small sensor camera rather than getting bogged down in the complexity of pixel density estimates that are only tangentially related to overall image quality.

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