Pixel Density is GENIUS!

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Re: No really, it isn't

Andrew dB wrote:

95% of the camera buying public really don't care. If they get a
picture at all that they can email to a friend/put on Facebook/print
to 4x6 then they're pleased. it's only a tiny proportion of camera
nuts who know what the technology could do and they still enjoy the
benefits of cheap, tiny cameras that deliver good enough image
quality (particularly if you know how to process them)

True. And why the public care? For most people a photo is a memory captured. If it looks ok, it's fine. People on this forum obsess about details of images and equipment that mean nothing to others who don't share a passion for photography. Many who comment on this (and not you by the way) adopt a condescending tone as if being satisfied with a nice 4 x 6 with a bit of noise or slightly overdone flash or Aunt Mary's legs cut off awkwardly and a hectic background was a personal failing.

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