The Joy of Pixel Density

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Another example

Hey John, I just did some processing of image today and posted the results to last weeks thread. I'll post them here as well.

The comparison camera is an E-300 8Mp 4/3" sensor equipped DSLR and a Coolpix 8400 with an 8Mp 2/3" sensor. Both cameras were introduced at almost the same exact time. The assumption is that they have similar levels of technological developement. I downsampled two images from the 8400. The idea is to show what happens when you software "bin" the image info from a sensor with twice the pixel density.

The first was DPReviews resolution test image. Even when a gaussian blur and a 50% resize is applied, the resolution does not actually reduce to half resolution. The second was one of my step wedge images that tests for dynamic range.

Here's the DR of the E-300.

This image shows how the usable DR improves upon downsizing and exceeds the E-300.

This image demonstrates that not only is the DR improved, but the resolution is not halved. So the greater pixel density give you better DR and more detail. Though I should add that it does so at a lower ISO (50 compared to 100).

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