no choice for F31FD replacement. WHY?

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Re: RAW is so important even in a p&s camera

packy wrote:

Your wrong. That is not luma noise on the white part of the box. It's
hard to explain, but on my Fuji box when the light falls on the white
area of the box, there is some sort of strange effect in the
manufacture of the paper. It's as if some of the paper is reflective

I think I know what you mean, but it is not a factor here because the grain effect is at single pixel level, thus it is noise. Furthermore, G9 RAW luma noise is visible all over the image, I just chose this location for its clarity as the background is of single colour and mid tone.

Also the G9 picked up all the printed "cymk" dots that goes into the
printing process. The F31 again smoothed these out just like the

In order to further strengthen my point I have made another image on which I have added Gaussian blur to the G9 RAW image. Now one can clearly see the blotchy croma noise and moiré effects causing false colours that are not present in the F31 image. I bet the finger was not supposed to look like this.

The only fault with the G9 shot is that is has visable color noise.
That can be easily dealt with without losing detail.

Blotchy colour noise is the hardest type of noise to deal with; I would like to see how well you could clear that finger, for an example.


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