Giving up on Apple!

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Giving up on Apple!

As I prepare to take my MacBook Pro in for a second warranty-repair, I am also resolving to never buy another Apple product. I've owned and worked with personal computers for over twenty-five years-- PC's, compaq's, Amigas, and many flavours of Macs (Imac, emacs and power macs) but have never felt as ripped-off by shoddy product quality in fancy packages as I do with his machine.

Right now, I'm having to type this on an external keyboard because them on-board one gas, for some reason, once again reset itself to an "alternate" keymap, and is therefore impossible to use. This happened once before, on an airplane, rushing to meet a deadline. The the external monitor outputdisappeared, whenever the machine got warm. The $2k machine also does a much wosre job of picling up and reliably maintaining wireless internet connection than my daughter;s $700 laptop (which also, btw, has a much better keyboard and mousepad0.

I know enough about technology to understand that this is quite probably, like the power supply failure I had on an IMac, is based on using substandard parts and/or cramming them into an inadequately cooled design.

I much prefer the Mac GUI and general OS, especially since the Unix-based OS 10, but am sick of being ripped off by Jobs+co for d shoddy pasrts and assembly, so sexily packaged that some now-former mac techs and geeks I know have given up even trying to work on them.

Any suggestions on a reliable non-mac basis for a linux laptop?
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