Intelligent auto mode vs. auto mode?

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Re: Intelligent auto mode vs. auto mode?

pauw wrote:

I was browsing differences between the fz50 and fz18. I know the
latter offers superior iq,

Don't you mean the other way around? Although not as recent, the FZ50 is a much more advanced camera than the FZ18, with IQ rated 8.0 by DPR and Highly Recommended (just), whereas the FZ18's IQ is rated 7.5, and the camera is only Highly Recommended. Both cameras should do fine in the Auto mode, but the FZ50 has greater potential for improvement if you want to take the time to optimize its performance. The FZ50's only downside is that it's bigger/heavier. (It's also more expensive, which reflects the higher quality.)


but what is the difference in auto mode

between the two? I really just want to pick up the camera and shoot
on vacations and such, not have to fiddle around too much. Does the
fz18 have significantly better auto mode than the fz50?

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