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Re: Update on Mini mirror storage

Michael Meissner wrote:

blueuser wrote:

Hi Arved
I don't have much experience with RAID and therefore I tested it
before I really need it - I'm glad I tried it now and not when I have
a tons of pics on the drive.

I don't know if the drives has to be formatted, but usually drives
are preformatted with FAT32 from the manufactor and then it doesn't
matter which tray you put the new drive into. But IF the drive is
formatted in NTFS you have to place into the Target tray (Disk 2) and
IF the healthy drive was in that tray you have to move it to the
Source tray (Disk 1) to be sure to keep your invalueable data.

I thought that recently most drives come from the manufacturer
without any formatting. I think this started when the drives went
over the 32GB size and the microsoft formatter would not format them
for FAT32.

This year alone, I've bought 3 500GB SATA drives, and 3 750GB SATA drives, from both Seagate and Western Digital. I had to start with establishing a partition and low level formatting all of them. These were all 3.5" HDs. Maybe those 2.5" "laptop" drives are different?

One 500GB Seagate has to go back. I'll have another datapoint when I get it's replacement, although I suspect that if Seagate furnishes a remanufactured drive as a warrenty replacement (as I've heard they do), then I suspect it'll have at least low level formatting. They got to be doing something to erase the previous customer's data without damaging the drive (with a "bulk eraser" or similar demagnitizer).

Have a great weekend,

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