Would You Buy This Camera?

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Re: Would You Buy This Camera?

For those that missed it, this was the original post before it was deleted by the original poster:

If it was full frame and had a 100% viewfinder?

If it had a 16 mp sensor?

If it had a sharp bright rear OLN screen that could be viewed in outside light?

If it shot 6 continuous frames per second in 14 bit mode?

If its internal software was customizable? It allowed you to load modules with features you needed from your computer into the camera. It also allows third parties to write features into the software in the form of plugins. The plugins will add features like in camera filters (soft focus, etc) that with live view you can see the effects on the sharp OLN screen immediately.

If it had an improved focusing system with 21 focus points, 12 of which were cross sensor type, coupled to spot metering and selected by eye control focus.

If it had an improved metering system with 45 evaluative grids that were sensitive to subject contrast.
If it had weather sealing, true weather sealing, not the cheap tape of the 40D

If it had a pop up flash with new technology that almost doubles existing in camera flash range.

If it allowed the wireless transfer of files from the camera to a laptop through the addition of an extension grip.

Would you buy this camera if it were named the Canon 3D and was priced at $3,299.99? Would you?

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