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"Gordy's camera straps ", Google it for leather straps for your G9 and others.

Morty E wrote:

I have read a number of threads on this forum debating the virtues
and problems of using a neck strap vs. wrist strap with the G9. To
me, a wrist strap makes more sense, but I have not yet had much
experience in the field. I would like to get a sense from the large
group of G9 owners who frequent this site, including those who
normally don't respond, which strap they prefer. Just specify on the
subject line which strap you use, so we can tally the results. If
you would add the strap manufacturer, even better. Thanks,

I can not recommend "Gordy's wrist straps" enough , have a look great site great seller in the USA, makes them himself to your spec and genuine leather,various colors

Do a Google search !. they cost just $18 for the 8"and $17 for the 7" delivered anywhere even overseas, I am in the UK sent us five last year 100% reliable nice fellow.

They come in black, several shades of brown. and colors also , they are superb, made of genuine leather, two lenghs , several fixings , and have a G9 friendly lanyard option the option I bought.,

These are superbly made, perfect for a small DSLR or larger P&S . I use a 8"Gordy's wrist strap on the D40, and that or the 7" version would also suite the G9 very well, and other medium sized cameras just fine .

I use them on my D40 and Panasonic FZ cameras 8" version, and also on my A95 and A80, the slightly shorter option they do 7" is great for the canons and my older oly trips, perfect !. RhoDA*


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