What filters should I invest in for D80?

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Re: What filters should I invest in for D80?

Thanks for the very helpful replies.

I think this post hit the nail (so to speak).

I don't specialize in any photography at the moment but my preference is candid portraits (not anywhere close to mastering this since people see me and begin to pose) and because I travel a fair bit, landscape.

Someone mentioned I get an ND filter because they saw some shots of a waterfall I went to, you can check the gallery forum if you'd like, I posted them there.

Thanks again...incredibly helpful.

Diddlbiker wrote:

As previous post pointed out it depends on what you shoot. But
assuming you don't specialize in anything and just want some
"allround" filters, here's what I would suggest:

1) CP (polarizer) - must have to get rid of glaring reflections, and
to boost skies.

2) ND (neutral density) - in those cases where you want long
exposures (think of waterfalls, light trails, etc) an ND filter will
either make that possible or prevent you from stopping down to f/20
or worse (with all softness that goes with it).

If you have multiple lenses, or are consider multiple lenses, buy the
filters for your biggest lens diameter (or what you expect to be the
biggest) and use step-up filter rings to fit them on the other
lenses. This way you only have to spend money once on filters.

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