Eyecup Magnifier for XT, XTi, XSi

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Re: Eyecup Magnifier for XT, XTi, XSi

Ouch sorry to hear that,

I was mainly posting this for other/future users considering buying the ME-1 and giving them an alternative.

I found 2 stores online in the USA that sell them.

Personally I purchased from




also sell it

be aware that neither place actually "stock" this item, but rather once they get your order, they will then order it from panasonic's warehouse so it will actually take a bit for your order to arrive (mine took about 2+ weeks)

Panasonic also have a replacement part service, however I can't get that partnumber to show up on their site

poussin wrote:

Well, thank you for the informations. For sure it sounds logical. And
on the pic U quote above it looks kinda more comfortable to the eye.
Pity I couldn't find it sold separately or even try it so I paid
probably too much but I'm satisfied anyway.

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