Hey Canon! ISO, ISO, ISO, ISO. ISO!

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Re: I agree. I agree. I agree!

gary mercer wrote:

I was invited by Inside Digital Photo to test shoot a Nikon D3 that
Nikon sent for a media review. Its low light shooting capability and
low noise was remarkable. I shot with it for a couple of days.
Perfect for wedding photographer, event photography and it was so
fast, I couldn't believe it. The pixel bucket size is the same size
as the pixels in medium format digi backs for medium format cameras.
Canon has gone the other direction, with more, smaller pixels and
higher resolution. The only way Canon can make a Full Frame camera
to compete with the Nikon is to create a chip with larger pixel
buckets as Nikon did. I don't see Canon doing this. According the
Scott Sheppard, host of Inside Digital, the top wedding photographer
for Disney that shoots 2000 weddings per year said that he believes
almost all his weddings could be shot without having to use flash for
the most part.

Don't get me wrong, the D3 has one of the lowest noise sensors in the industry, but it really isn't all that much better than the 5D's. Most of the big difference you're seeing is NR, not sensor technology.

The 1ds3 has more resolution, and less image-level read noise than the D3, and maybe a hair more shot noise (nothing significant).

You can't compare the 1Ds3 and the D3 at 100% zoom, to begin with. Nor can you trust on-screen downsizing algorithms to treat the higher MP camera fairly (many, like PS' out-zoom, destroy high MP images by increasing their noise).

There are all kinds of ruts in poor ways of thinking, and problems with display technology, both hardware and software, that all work in unison against the higher pixel density.

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