Pixel density is the emperors new clothes

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Eric Fossum
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Image Sensors past present and future

Roland Karlsson wrote:

In a future sensor(when it is a pure photon counter- and that will
happen - mark my words) - then higher density will always mean higher
image quality. All photons are collected - and the better you know
the position - the better the image quality.

I don't see how anyone could possibly argue with this. If you can count every photon that hits the sensor and record its position (and wavelength!) it would be hard to imagine a better sample of the photon field.

Anyway, I am working on this sort of thing. I think the real question is what do you do to post process your picture. One approach is a "digital film sensor" as I have mentioned in past posts. See slides 68-89 more or less of the presentation on my website if you are interested:


When we figure out the detector, I will let you know. heh.


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