Rodenstock XR-Heligon 50mm f/0.75 (pics)

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Odd Erik Garcia Forum Member • Posts: 95
Rodenstock XR-Heligon 50mm f/0.75 (pics)

Motivated by the pictures from Bjørn Rørslett ( ) and others, I wanted to get my hands on one of these ultra-fast x-ray lenses for quite some time. About half a year ago I was able to get an XR-Heligon 50mm f/0.75 lens.

It took a while to get a proper Nikon F mount on the lens. I had a friend of mine, who is an engineer, to modify a Nikon E2 ring for the purpose. When the lens is mounted on my D200 it gives a magnification close to 1:1.

Like other lenses in this category, the blurring of elements behind the plane of focus is amazingly smooth. Being a fixed focus and aperture lens, it certainly is a special purpose tool. Of course, I intend to use it for dreamy pictures of small flowers.

Once in a while, questions about such exotics appear on this forum. Since I now got one, I thought it appropriate to share some pictures. (A couple of these were taken before I got the permanent mount, hand holding the lens on an extension ring. This always resulted in some tilting and no sharp parts in the picture.)

[1] Rodenstock

[2] Corkscrew

[3] Nail

[4] Primula

[5] Violet twins

[6] Touch me

[7] Chrysant

For comparison, here is a picture taken with a Nikkor AI 50mm f/1.8 wide open and reverse mounted with a BR-2A ring. Although far from as fast as the Rodestock, the bokeh has a totally different character.

[8] White dream

This is just my initial tumbling around but might be of interest for other bokeh and macro freaks out there

Best regards,
Odd Erik

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