Canon Pro9000 and MIS ink

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Re: Canon Pro9000 and MIS ink

Hi Ron

I'm using the MIS inks in my Epson 2400 using their easy fill carts and chip resetter. Unfortunately Epson has pulled the plug on third party ink suppliers and MIS have had to withdraw their easy fill carts. Shame on Epson !!!! Lucky for me that the carts last a lifetime. They have perfected a method for refilling OEM carts which I guess Epson cannot stop. Good !!!

I have a 4000R which I use as a general printer. Prints are good but do lack shadow detail sometimes compared to my Epson 2400. However I'm getting fed up with the Epson. I use more ink keeping the printer from clogging than I do printing. Pigment printers need to be used every day and thats my problem I do not print enough. So I'm thinking of a switch to dye ink and the Pro9000.

MIS now do ink for the Pro9000 but no virgin carts as yet. I have just ordered a refill kit for the 4000R. Going to see how their dye inks perform.

Thanks for your reply regarding the difference between 4500 and 9000. I guess there is little difference between the 4000 and 4500. Pity Canon have no longer a true A4 photo printer.

You mentioned the $100 rebate. Unfortunately I'm on the other side of the pond. You guys in the US are so lucky. The price here in the UK for the Pro9000 is around £380 thats over $700 !!!!!!!!!


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