Canon iP4500 or Epson R280 - which one?

Started Jul 3, 2008 | Discussions thread
Ron Rosenzweig
Ron Rosenzweig Regular Member • Posts: 368
Re: Canon iP4500 or Epson R280 - which one?

Hi Peter,

You can see the difference between the two printers but its really in the subtle detail. For me, any serious prints are made on the Pro9000. I think it also handles thicker media better than the iP4500. However, for everyday general printing and some proof prints I think the iP4500 does an excellent job. However, with that said, if you can obtain a Pro9000 with the $100 rebate (there was a thread posted last week that it was still available at one store) and free shipping its a great bargain - not to be passed up - in my mind. The bigger the prints the more beautiful they are coming out of the Pro9000.
I hope this helps.


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