When would Digital Body mature?

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Re: When would Digital Body mature?

KennethKwok wrote:

When do you think the DSLR Body would plateau?

In eight years Nikon has quadrupled the resolution, doubled the number of bits used to record tonal ramp values while rendering JPEGs, improved write speeds by 15x+, octupled the resolution of the color LCD and more than doubled its area, doubled or tripled the continuous shooting speed, and increased the number of AF sensors by 10x.

There is no evidence that the train of improvement has slowed.

However, like computers, some people get off the train when they're satiated. You don't need a quad-core, 8GB, 10,000 rpm drive computer to read email, browse the Web, or write memos. You might want one if you're editing movies ; ).

I've said it for a couple of years now: if all you ever do is take pictures casually and never go beyond the size a desktop inkjet can produce (13x19"), ANY current DSLR is capable of that, and if you're not getting satisfactory results, it's not the camera. Some types of shooters need more for specific reasons. The example I like to give is those that shoot basketball. Only two current cameras really cut the mustard for that: the Canon 1DIII and the D3. But is that what you're doing? If not, maybe you don't need those cameras, or the ones that come after them ; ).

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