New Rockwell Baby

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Re: New Rockwell Baby

MirceaR wrote:

KR's got a new kid? Good for him.
So did a few million other folks that day.
Let's write a post for each one of 'em, they're all special.

Oh god man, get over it already. If you can't stand topics about ken rockwell, don't open them. And certainly don't bother posting your jealous hate messages.

What's the point in posting "who cares" in every birthday/wedding/birth/funeral topic you see down here?

And if you really reason like that, why bother posting here at all? There are thousands of posts made in this forum every day, why should we have to read about what you think about KR's baby?

I just had to say this.

Edit: It's like how the Gossis/Celeb sections of newspapers and magazines talk about how Britney shaved her head. Will you NOT buy that newspaper/magazine of which you like the other content, just because it has a section you don't care about. No, you'll just skip the sections you don't care about and read the stuff you like. Do us all a pleasure and do the same in this forum.

Ok, now I'm done

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