DC Resource XSi Review abnormal number of out of focus shots

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Re: DC Resource XSi Review abnormal number of out of focus shots

Why, after so many frustrating users have reported AF problems, can't Canon fix this? When one DSLR, 1d3, has the problem, I can say it's an accident. Adding 1ds3, there is sure something wrong, either with AF design, or quality control. (Since there are good copies, I guess it's more of a problem in QC.)

And now a later camera has the same problem. Or worse, did I read 10% correct focus rate? What does it mean? It means Canon wouldn't listen. They don't think customer satisfaction is important enough.

Isn't getting AF correct a basic requirement for a DSLR, at least when using the central focusing point? Why should I need to upgrade to 30D/40D to have more reliable focusing ability. Or is it only I who think so?

I've been using 350D for one and half years, and have been very happy about it. No such problem is detected. Neither did I know 350D have AF issues. It's frustrating to hear Canon is doing wrong what it did better before.

The central idea about marketing is to know what consumers need and produce products that meet the needs. In this aspect Canon is doing terribly. And it's weird that Canon keeps doing it this way while its market share shrinks.

I think my next DSLR will still be a Canon. I just want to feel safer when I make a pruchase.

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