WHCC equivalent in Canada

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Costco is great if you can find a decent lab...

Hi Jeff,

If you take the time to prep your prints, are running a color managed profile (with calibrated displays) AND use their calibrated profiles, you will get much better results than some other "pro" labs.

Fact is, if you can find a local costco and talk to their photolab manager, you would be in good hands and be taken care of. Sure, the public at large goes shopping there, but their prints are also shot with point and shoot cameras, and their prints need constant density/color corrections after the fact. The stuff I leave there needs no corrections, and what I get in return from their prints is what I saw on my monitor.

I've had some incredible results from costco's noritsu printers. As well, costco has a pretty big maintenance contract with noritsu, and they have their printers calibrated on a regular basis. (Some pro labs get their machines fixed when they break...)

Just some food for thought.


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