Ken Rockwell and Nikon D700 Lenses

Started Jul 4, 2008 | Discussions thread
Yamil R. Sued Veteran Member • Posts: 4,527
Re: Ken Rockwell and Nikon D700 Lenses

Gee, 4 Posts and Defending KR and bashing Nikona dn doing he good old Brand wars thing!!

What's the Word I'm looking for?? It starts with "T"!!


Meeus wrote:

Nice review. Just what I needed.
It confirms my impression that Nikon lens system is still less
flexible than Canon's. The lack of an equivalent to Canon's 24-105 IS
lens is another reason for me to wait for the 5D replacement instead
of getting D700. I just need a high quality, lighter, reasonably
priced walkaround midrange zoom.

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