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Re: Thanks Lodi,

Brian,... your reason about making that shot is reasonably understandable. But there are many ways to handle dark and I personally like the way of looking like the elders did, that's what I like to bring up inhere. The way to handle dark has been always difficult. But when we look at the Moonlight Market Paintings from David Teniers the youngone, you will see a totaly different form of handling dark and that's important because painters are the photographers of time and for a very long time. There is no dark with out some misterious details in the eyes of the elders/painters.

Kind Regards,

It's a point if view and I like it.


Brian Mosley wrote:

What attracted me to the admittedly dark 2nd shot was the cloud
formations, lovely contrasts and colours. I think that an ND Grad
filter will be my next purchase.

Kind Regards


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